Smart guns aren’t so smart

Tam is usually full of snark, but this was a surprisingly snark-free and reason-filled posting from her (not that her postings aren’t reason-filled, just usually a healthy dose of snark goes with it). Anyway, here’s her posting about smart guns. The choice quote:

But if you look at a firearm as a piece of emergency equipment, then Authorized User technology is a no-go. A cop’s partner may need to use her gun; my roommate may need to use mine. It needs to work right the first time, every time. It cannot malfunction or, if it does so, it must “fail-dangerous“, in such a way as to leave me the ability to use the gun to defend myself, even if the Authorized User function no longer works.

Look at it this way: Would you put fingerprint recognition sensors on a fire extinguisher? How about a biometric sensor on a reserve parachute? No, you wouldn’t, because it needs to be as easy as possible for anybody to operate, even under duress and in harsh environmental conditions.

Cops and military don’t want this technology because they know the dangers of it. So why should we allow it or even force it upon the rest of the citizenry? It won’t stop bad guys from doing bad things, only good people from doing good. Why do this? And please don’t tell me it’s for the children.