What from Ruger?

So all the gun bloggers are getting excited wondering what big thing Ruger is going to unveil on Friday.

Of course, Tam’s snark is always good for a chuckle.

What do I think? Who knows. It does seem Ruger is sheding their controversial past. I mean, the Mini’s are now “tacti-cool“, you can buy factory 30-round magazines, so maybe it’ll be some sort of EBR like their entry into the AR market, tho I don’t know what they could really offer there that’s new/unique/compelling for the market. Michael Bane mentions a “big ole Ruger box” so I’d want to think that if we both define “big box” the same way it’s going to be a long-gun, not a 1911-style, not even a big-ass revolver, an LCP or LCR type gun… heck, shouldn’t be anything like that since those are fairly new, so they need to hit another part of the product line.

So if I’m going to predict anything, I’ll say something that breaks the mold, politically, for Ruger. e.g. an EBR.

Updated: Sebastian has a possible teaser? If it’s accurate, I’m good in my prediction. We’ll see tomorrow.

Updated 2: Steve at The Firearm Blog has an analysis of the Ruger situation. Given what he says there, it makes it even more likely to be an AR-style rifle.

One thought on “What from Ruger?

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