SB 1164 to be heard today

Texas SB 1164 will be heard today in committee.

Contact your State Senator to let them know how you feel about this bill. Also, contact the members of the Senate Committee on State Affairs. Keep it polite and to the point.

JR’s entry on this.

Updated: Seems it was heard but not voted on yet.

Let’s break down the members of the committee (party, district, NRA grade w/year of grade):

Chair: Duncan (R, 28, A-2008)

Vice-Chair: Deuell (R, 2, A-2002)

Members: Carona (R, 16, A+ 2008), Ellis (D, 13 F-2006), Fraser (R, 24, A-2008), Harris (R, 9, A-2008), Jackson (R, 11, A-2008), Lucio (D, 27, A-2008), Van de Putte (D, 26, B-2008).

We’ll see how it pans out. Stay tuned, true believers….

Updated 2: Fixed the “updated” link to a permanent one.

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