Keeping your kids safe around guns

Tam is much better than I at being snarky, but she provides a nice counterpoint.

It’s a shame some people don’t understand the point she raised.

Furthermore, if you really want to keep your kids safe around guns? Consider something like the Eddie Eagle Safety Program. That’s what gets me the most about the “well-intended” suggestions towards keeping kids safe, be it regarding guns or anything else. People expect everyone else to make the world safe for them (i.e. you change, I remain the same). The reality is the world is filled with things that, no matter our best efforts, can be harmful. Instead of expecting the world to cater to you, better you should equip yourself with the means, skills, and abilities to deal with the world around you.

So if you really want to do your kids a favor towards keeping them safe, provide them with the skills and know-how to keep themselves safe. We may try to keep strangers away from our children, but we acknowledge they may come in contact so we teach them all those “stranger-danger” tactics so they can manage should danger come their way when we’re not around. We teach kids to walk facing traffic so when there’s no sidewalk, they can see the oncoming cars. So when it comes to guns, even if you think they are horrible things that ought to be banned, it’s possible kids will come in contact with a gun at some point in their life so why not also give them the tools here to deal with it safely?

Stop. Don’t Touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.

If you wish to educate them further, check out Kathy Jackson’s articles on the topic of kids and guns.

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