(Revised) Improved Battlesight Zero

So you have your AR-15, you need to zero it in. There are many ways and schools on how to zero, but it seems that some of the”newer thinking” in this area yields some better results.

The old Maryland AR15 Shooters club website is gone, but one key piece remains: Lt. Colonel Chuck Santose’s Improved Battlesight Zero document. (h/t to M4Carbine.net). The one thing I really miss about the Maryland AR15 shooters website was they had a great many graphs showing trajectories and comparing the various zeroing techniques. When you viewed the trajectory comparisons, it became evident how good IBZ was as a battlesight zero (again, battlesight, not bullseye).

The folks over at AR15.com have their own take on the matter, with some slight improvements along with discussions, clarifications, pictures, and some trajectory graphs.

Updated: I used the Revised Improved Battlesight Zero on a Bushmaster. Clicky to read the results.

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