Sohn Mohk Soo

The second set of techniques one learns in Kuk Sool (at yellow belt level) is Sohn Mohk Soo — wrist techniques.

Many people put down defenses against wrist grabs, and I can understand why. It’s complicated, and in a “real fight” situation a lot of it is unlikely to work unless you’ve had a lot of training, practice, and know how to set it up. There’s merit to learning how to escape from wrist grabs because they do happen, but you just don’t always need a lot of fancy flowery moves. If what you want is to just break their grip on your wrist so you can get away, there’s really nothing special: work against their thumb (weakest point of the grip), use your fully body (weight):

Other simple movements can work too, e.g. stomp on their instep.

Back to Sohn Mohk Soo.

What has to be considered here isn’t so much that you are learning “defense against wrist grabs” but that you are also learning body mechanics. Sohn Mohk Soo teaches more about how the body works: how the wrist, arm, shoulder work, or perhaps more importantly how they don’t work. It also teaches ways for you to move your body: methods of grabbing, methods of entry, body positioning. Furthermore, just because these techniques are set up from a same-side wrist grab position, that doesn’t mean they are only applicable in that instance: an arm bar is an arm bar no matter how you enter into it. When viewing and learning these techniques, don’t stop at the surface, look deeper. There is a lot taught and much to learn.

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