Why She Carries

Syd wrote a wonderful piece titled “I Don’t Carry A Gun.” Kellene wrote a, I guess you could call it a companion piece, titled “Why This Woman Carries A Firearm.”

We live in a society that strives to put women and men on equal footing, and there’s certainly a lot of merit in that as there are many situations and context where gender and gender-based differences don’t matter. On the flip side, we cannot ignore that there are differences between men and women. When it comes to matters of self-protection, many things are gender-neutral, but there’s no question some things are gender-specific. Kellene articulates some of these quite well. I especially love her final reason:

I carry a firearm because as a woman I have the privilege of giving life.  That’s right.  I don’t carry a gun to take life, but to ensure that it’s fully given to those who choose live.  

2 thoughts on “Why She Carries

  1. I carry because, even though it is unlikely that I will need to have and use my gun, I’ll only ever be wrong about that once.

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