Unclear on the concept

It sounds like this is one women’s ignorance, so let’s not get too riled up over this. (h/t Xavier). I get the feeling she’s hung up on the pictures and the fact it’s an NRA program and isn’t looking at what’s actually being taught (the article mentions that in 10 years of the school district’s safety curriculum this is the first complaint they’ve ever received).

From the article:

“At 5 years old, anytime you tell a child not to touch something, that’s exactly what they do. It’s in their nature to be curious and to touch and handle things,” said Howe. 

Yes, Ms. Howe, it is in the nature of a 5 year old to be curious and touch things. That’s exactly what the Eddie Eagle program aims to deal with. “Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.”  It’s not teaching gun handling; in fact, it is explictly teaching not to touch at all!. It’s not teaching kids how to be killers. Eddie Eagle is teaching safety. I spoken about this before. Like it or don’t, a child has potential to come across a gun sometime in their life. Wouldn’t you want your child to know how to safely deal with the situation?

The Garland, Texas school district includes Eddie Eagle as a part of their safety curriculum. According to the article the Garland I.S.D.’s safety curriculum also teaches about life jackets, bicycle safety, car safety, dealing with strangers. Why should we want our children to be ignorant? Don’t we send them to school to learn? If we can teach them how to be safe with something, why wouldn’t we want to do that?  Of course now Ms. Howe’s child knows to “Stop. Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.”… the child can’t unlearn what has been learned. But if Ms. Howe thinks this is such horrible knowledge for her child to have, she’s welcome to teach her child differently: “Go head, pick it up, don’t tell anyone, play with it, bring it to school and show your friends.”  Logic need not apply.

Now Ms. Howe, if your 5 year old always disobeys you then that’s your problem as a parent. If you tell your child not to touch or do something and they disobey you and still touch or do it, then well… you’ve got larger parenting issues that need to be worked on.


Updated: Sebastian mentions it as well but gosh folks… we probably shouldn’t be extending her 15 minutes.

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