Nancy Pelosi and The Pope

So I read by way of Robbie that Nancy Pelosi and The Pope had a meeting. I’m glad to hear this happened.

My wife is a devout Catholic so abortion topics, including Pelosi’s take on it, are a topic of conversation from time-to-time around our household. I don’t want to talk about abortion here so much as I want to talk about integrity and consistency. If you believe in abortion and have all of your other beliefs, ideology, philosophy, outlook on life, behavior, etc. all in line with each other, that’s one thing. But along comes Nancy Pelosi saying she’s “an ardent practicing Catholic”, but then supports abortion. Folks, that doesn’t jive. She goes on to say that the Catholic Church doesn’t even know when life begins! Watch her say this and read the transcript yourself.

Frankly, I don’t see why The Pope doesn’t deny Holy Communion to her or any other Catholic that behaves in this manner. It’s simple. If you’re a Catholic, you adhere to a certain set of beliefs. If you don’t adhere to those beliefs, you’re not a Catholic… especially not an “ardent practicing” one. This is a matter of integrity.

I think Robbie said it best tho:

Ms. Pelosi says she’s a Catholic. But she also supports abortion. Which makes her a pretty shitty Catholic. Kind of like every single professed Catholic who voted for Obama (who in turn voted to allow the murder of babies born alive that were supposed to be “terminated” before birth).

2 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi and The Pope

  1. Well, there is always the strictly pragmatic reason from back when JFK ran for office: If the Pope starts withholding the sacrament to motivate political figures’ actions, you’ll never see another Catholic elected to office in the US for anything other than local positions. People are funny about having their head of state dictated to by a foreigner.

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