KR Training

For firearms training in the Austin, Texas area, there’s none better than KR Training.

Karl just redid the KR Training website (looks good), and added a LOT more classes for the coming months.

I’m a graduate of many of the KR Training classes, and am taking more in the future. It’s top notch training with a great instructor. There are those that know their stuff but can’t teach, then there are those that can teach but don’t know their stuff; Karl’s one of those few that knows his stuff and can teach. One thing I think he’s especially skilled in is helping beginners. He’s friendly, he’s personable, his knowledge is vast, and what’s also nice is that Karl doesn’t rest on his laurels. Karl keeps up with things, he’s willing to challenge established notions if it leads towards a better end result, and he’s an avid competitor.

Whether you’re a seasoned gun owner or someone looking to take their first step into firearms ownership, I recommend getting formal training. If you live within a few hour drive of Austin, I recommend checking out KR Training.