Delayed stimulus

So the stimulus package has been delayed. I guess better than premature stimulus.

The new version includes help for victims of the recession in the form of unemployment benefits, food stamps, health coverage and more. It would also provide billions for states that face the prospect of making deep cuts in their own programs.

It also preserves President Barack Obama’s tax break for millions of lower and middle income taxpayers.

Ah, help for the victims. And who gets to pay for all of this? Me (at least in part).

Anyone going to give me a break?

Anyone going to give me a handout?

Anyone going to take care of my mortgage? My bills? Feed my children? Put gas in my car? Keep my lights on?

I guess I’m not a victim.

It’s an interesting thing. When something is worth spending your money on, people willingly spend their money on it. When something isn’t worth two shits, people don’t spend their money on it. So what’s the solution if your two shits aren’t getting funding? Why use the force of law to get funding! And so government grows, more money is taken from We The People, and We The People rightly get pissed off.

I donate money to charitable causes. I volunteer my time. If I was able to keep more of my own money, I’d had more to give to worthwhile causes. If I didn’t have to take on additional employment, I’d have more time to volunteer. You’d think those liberals with all their compassion would understand that, but apparently they don’t know how to give unless they’re giving someone else’s money away or forcing you to volunteer. And then of course, you have no personal investment in any of it, so you aren’t that responsible with it. One mess leads to a bigger mess.