Ki Cho Hyung

For those not familiar with Kuk Sool, the first form you learn (at white belt) is called Ki Cho Hyung which is “Foundational Form”; it’s not an easy form, but one that lays the foundation for all that you will learn in studying Kuk Sool.

I like this video because here you have a high ranking Master, SUH Sung Jin (8th degree black belt), performing Ki Cho Hyung (first part of the video). While certainly the performance is stylized for demonstration purposes, there’s still much to learn from watching it. While it’s always neat to watch high level people perform high level things, there’s something educational about seeing high level people perform beginner things. No matter how far along we go in studying anything, in the end the fundamentals are what it’s all about and without them all the high level stuff really doesn’t matter.

Updated: Yea! Someone reposted THE video of KJN SUH Sung Jin performing Ki Cho Hyung.

Yes, it’s a bit slow, a little stylized, but it’s being demonstrated to show proper form and movement.

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