Updated: “Drills, Qualifications, Standards, & Tests” – including the Minimum Competency Assessment

An update to my eBook “Drills, Qualifications, Standards, & Tests” – including the Minimum Competency Assessment – is available for download!

In 2013 I published my original work on Minimum Competency for Defensive Pistol. At TacCon22 I lead a discussion on the topic of Minimum Competency. There I presented my original work along with my recent thinking on the topic. I introduced a Minimum Competency Assessment as an attempt to quantify my evolving thinking. For example, while “multiple hits” remains in the definition, I now believe the draw-to-first-acceptable-hit (DTFAH) skill needs to be emphasized. In this update to DQS&T, I present the Assessment and my thinking behind every bit of it: target selection, par times, distances, equipment, biases, uncertainties, etc. Give it a read and let me know your thoughts here – I don’t have the answer, but I am exploring towards one.

This update contains over 100 pages of content and drills, adding the 3456 Drill, Snub Assessment, Hip to be Square, and The Common Tater Drill. Old favorites like the 2019 FBI Qual, Three Seconds or Less, and a plethora of Rangemaster stuff are included as well. 

Copies of the eBook are available for FREE download at the KRTraining.com website.

I hope this may be useful to you in your journey.

Be strong. 🤘

No Tin-Foil Hat Needed

I remember when the “Fast & Furious” scandal broke, some were claiming the whole thing was being done to manufacture a case for more gun control laws. The response from many was such thinking was ludicrous — our government wouldn’t do that.


There’s no need for the tin-foil hat, because it’s true, as CBS News reports.

Even if you’re the most stringent anti-gunner, I hope you can see the corruption and will refuse to tolerate it. This isn’t about guns; it’s way beyond that.

I’ve been blacklisted

I guess I’ve made it to the big time now, because I’ve been made part of The Gun Blog Blacklist.

(if you don’t get it, don’t worry about it… it’s a bunch of silly drama llama stuff, but Google “gun blog blacklist” if you really care).

I didn’t ask to be listed, because I couldn’t care less about the drama. But hey, it’s nice to be recognized as part of the s00p3r s3c43t conspiracy. 🙂