No Tin-Foil Hat Needed

I remember when the “Fast & Furious” scandal broke, some were claiming the whole thing was being done to manufacture a case for more gun control laws. The response from many was such thinking was ludicrous — our government wouldn’t do that.


There’s no need for the tin-foil hat, because it’s true, as CBS News reports.

Even if you’re the most stringent anti-gunner, I hope you can see the corruption and will refuse to tolerate it. This isn’t about guns; it’s way beyond that.

I’ve been blacklisted

I guess I’ve made it to the big time now, because I’ve been made part of The Gun Blog Blacklist.

(if you don’t get it, don’t worry about it… it’s a bunch of silly drama llama stuff, but Google “gun blog blacklist” if you really care).

I didn’t ask to be listed, because I couldn’t care less about the drama. But hey, it’s nice to be recognized as part of the s00p3r s3c43t conspiracy. 🙂