Instructor Recommendations

Rich Grassi published an article in the May 9, 2016 issue of The Shooting Wire about Instructor Recommendations.

It’s by no means a comprehensive list; Rich even says: “Just because someone’s not on this list doesn’t mean they’re not good. I have space limitations and this was done ‘off the top of my head.'”. Still, you and I know that those things that come to us “off the top of our head” are generally a good indicator. So check out his list:

  • Tiger McKee
  • Dave Spaulding
  • Chuck Haggard
  • Paul Howe
  • Tom Givens
  • Darryl Bolke
  • Karl Rehn
  • Massad Ayoob
  • John Farnam

That’s a pretty solid group.

I must admit, seeing my boss-man, Karl Rehn, show up on the list was a bit of a surprise to me. I may be biased, but I believe Karl to be the best trainer you’ve never heard of. He doesn’t have the flashy marketing and massive self-promotion, and I guess that’s something to think about. Notice that all the trainers on this list? They aren’t the big marquee names that you see plastered everywhere, with slick marketing, and #operatorasfuck hashtags. No, these are guys that have a proven track record of being able to shoot, to teach, and enabling people to fight and win.

And certainly, there are good instructors out there that didn’t make this list; it’s just one guy’s list. But if you know anything about what makes a good instructor, for sure these guys personify it.

6 thoughts on “Instructor Recommendations

  1. I would add to that list anybody who has ever taught at a Rangemaster Tactical Conference. Those are all solid names that do not seem to catch the glory. But I’m familiar at least in name with everyone on that list.

    It’s funny your comment about Karl being the best trainer you never heard of… I emailed Karl a few months ago. I heard his name come up on a podcast that was about a year old. He was described as the “master of scenarios”.

    • Most of those that teach at the TacConf, yes.

      And that podcast, probably Michael Bane’s? Karl is known and respected within the industry.

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