Is it worth dying for?

A lot is being said about the man in Arlington, TX that inserted himself into a situation and died as a result.

Claude Werner has a fine take on the whole incident.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: make choices that maximize your enjoyment of beer & TV.

Or put it even simpler: is it worth dying for?

I can totally understand the man’s feeling, the pull to want to intervene and help. We often lament about how good people stand idly by and don’t step in to help. The whole
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” thing. But we must look deeper than a quotation, and we must consider: is it not evil that this man has now left behind a wife and children? Did this man’s choice actually allow evil to triumph? Would it not also be a good thing for a good man to continue to be a good husband, a good father, a good business owner, a good citizen of his community?

If you are going to carry a gun, you also carry a great responsibility.

You must look beyond the hard physical skills of marksmanship, and look towards the deeper issues of mindset and mentality. You must understand the legal factors. You must understand the deeper philosophical requirements. You must know what you can and will do, and what you will not do. Your line must be clear, it must be articulable to yourself, your family, the police, the judge and jury, to God, to whomever. It may come off as hard, cold, callous, and you may have to find your balance, you may have to come to terms with such dichotomy. Regardless, you must do it. You must know before you must act upon it.

Else, you get what you have here.

6 thoughts on “Is it worth dying for?

  1. One of the problems with what passes for news stories these days is the glaring lack of details.

    I’ve read some of the news accounts of this tragic event and I’m not sure I can say whether the now dead citizen was right or wrong. I was not there.

    Did the perp point that gun at the man? Was the perp simply fleeing after shooting his victim?

    I just have a hard time with all the “monday quarterbacking” events like this stir up.

    Now having said the above, there are plenty of valid points made in the post by Claude Werner. Would I interject myself if the shooter was fleeing and no longer firing at others or me? No. I’d be a good witness and get as much detail as I could for law enforcement.

    If on the other hand this perp was shooting at others or me or threatening me I’d likely have to take some sort of action if safe to do so.

    Either way, until we know more about the event I’m not going to poopoo or applaud the now deceased man.

    • For sure, we only have a small slice of the information about the event. But based on what we do know, we can at least make some general assertions and advice.

      I did read somewhere that this man “went back to his car to retrieve his gun”. Make of that what you will, but to me that says “you had the opportunity to leave, to disengage, but you chose to engage”. That he likely wasn’t in imminent danger of death or grave bodily harm. Yes, it’d be really shitty to stand by and watch someone else getting harmed in this way — but you do NOT know the whole story, and could you getting involved become a far worse thing?

      I do agree with you: it’s tough to quarterback this because we absolutely weren’t there and will neve be privvy to all the facts and information. But we can take some lessons and perhaps be wiser for it.

  2. After finding a more detailed account of this event I’ll revise my remarks and say the guy should have been a good witness and not intervened.

    Slightly off topic. What is it with all these young men who cannot control their anger? I mean really, shoot your girlfriend because she posted a photo on Farcebook that looks like she was some how unhappy with her dude? Really?

      • Yes, we collectively have become more angry and irrational. But I would like to understand the cause.

        Are these younger folks lashing out like this a by-product of the “nobody loses” precious snowflake generation who cannot deal with things that upset them? Or is it a general lack of morals and personal responsibility? Or what?

        I’m genuinely dumbfounded as to why these folks lash out like they do.

        • Time to talk to a cultural anthropologist, I guess. 🙂

          It’s probably a little of all of those things, probably some other stuff too. I don’t think there’s a simple blanket answer.

          Of course the other side is – are we really seeing an uptick? Or just SEEING an uptick? Humans have been irrational for thousands upon thousands of years. Have we really changed much? or are we just able to see everyone’s bad behavior more readily now?

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