Sunday Metal – Alice in Chains

Just remember – Clash of the Titans 1990-1991 tour, opening band… Alice in Chains.

So metal enough. 🙂

“Them Bones”


6 thoughts on “Sunday Metal – Alice in Chains

  1. John, I’m an old School metal head. I’m having a hard time with the idea of AIC being metal. I’ve always associated them with the whole “grunge” movement out of Seattle….

    Now I’m not saying I don’t like some of their music… but metal? Hardly. Man.

    • LIke I said, “metal enough”. Again, when Death Angel got into that accident and had to exit the Clash of the Titans tour and AIC got the opening slot well… “metal enough”. 🙂

      I think compared to most of the “Seattle grunge bands” they were more metal. Pearl Jam? Mudhoney? Screaming Trees? I wouldn’t necessarily call them “metal”. But AIC knows their roots, and Jerry for sure comes from a more metal background.

      So… perhaps on the border, and for sure they’re not like say Death or Exodus or even Motley Crue. But they sure are better than listening to Justin Bieber. 😉

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