2016-01-22 training log

The deload of no-deload.

Just opted to not go to the gym today. I need the break.

Instead, I sat down to outline where I’ll be going.

Inception program? For sure, going to stop. I think it’s a great program, but it’s just too much for me right now. Again, I learned this back with 5/3/1 that I just can’t recover well enough from such a split. I mean, it’s basically an upper/lower A/B 2x/week type of split. I could recover from that, if I could get enough sleep in a day. But I can’t because numerous reasons, and even 30 minutes less sleep a day adds up. Sucks, but it does show how you have to work within your “Maximum Recoverable Volume” and all that.

Again, the only reason I went 4x/week was because diet, which isn’t a reason right now. I’ll fade back to 3x, then go back on 4x when/if diet needs it again.

So what AM I going to do?

Well, I’m enjoying working on some heavier stuff, and I was about to go into the Inception strength phase. Given I know another diet cut cycle is in my future, I’d like to work on heavier stuff and some mass building while I can. But again, keeping to 3x/week, tho that means I can make those sessions pretty intensive since it’s 3x/week overall and 1x/week per “body part” if you will.

Just by chance I was flipping through Paul Carter’s Strength, Life, Legacy eBook and came across his “Lift-Run-Bang Template”. It looks to be exactly what I need. So, going to run it. There’s no time-limit on how it’s run, but it seems fitting for about a 6-week run before you’d make adjustments and run again (or change entirely). That should be appropriate for my timing on things relative to my work and diet and such.

Paul actually originally put this on his website. Part 1, Part 2.

I spent time this morning figuring out what work to do, what weights, etc.. Bench and Squat, I’m going to use the max I calculated at the end of Inception, and use that actually as the target weight to hit (given how Strong-15 calculations work). Deadlift, I haven’t done in ages, but looking at my logs, comparing it to where the squat was back then, I’m picking a number and that should be good enough for me to work with.

I won’t actually start next week. Due to circumstance, next week will be a weird kinda “free-form” week for me. I will apply the 3x/week, but the work I do will be a little haphazard, dictated by what I can do based on my situation. Nothing bad, just not ideal. Just going to focus on getting in a bunch of work. Then starting the LRB-SLL template the week after.

Oh… one other thing that comes out of the 3x/week. That means 4x/week I get to sleep in. See, one problem I’ve dealt with is all the gym days, I need to be up and out the door by a certain time. Which means alarm clock, which means that yeah, sometimes I don’t get all the sleep/recovery I need. An intentional choice in 3x/week is that then on the other days, to turn off the alarm and sleep until I wake up. Granted, my body is well-conditioned to just waking up, but if it does then I’m going to work to go back to sleep or even if I just lie in bed for a while, I’ll take that. I don’t need to hit cardio work right now (on this bulk/massing diet), and what little I do need to do isn’t a huge sweat to do a little later in the morning (the dog is loving the morning walks in the cold). Point being, more sleep should be good.

Overall, I expect this should be a better deal for me.

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