– props to you!

It’s important to share good customer service experiences.

This one is about

Never heard of them before, but Google pointed me their way because they had good deals on dog food. The fact they had the best price, coupled with free shipping (on orders over $49, which mine was) made it worth trying them.

I placed my order.

Shortly after placing the order, I decided to cancel the order. Nothing with, but rather I changed my mind about the food I had purchased (Blue Buffalo Wilderness; ended up reading about their lawsuit and sorry, just not sure I can trust that). Alas, I saw no way to cancel the order from my account order page.

I used the Live Chat service and spoke with the rep. She attempted to cancel the order, but said that it was “pulled” meaning it hadn’t truly shipped but was in process of, so she was going to try to contact shipping to get them to fully stop it. Alas, I ended up seeing the charge to my bank card. I contacted through Live Chat again. Apparently the order still hadn’t shipped (holidays), and that rep ensured I was given a refund. She also said that she’s pretty sure the order didn’t ship, but if it did to just refuse the shipment.

So I did see a refund to my bank card. So all money is squared up there.

But today? The shipment actually arrived. I wasn’t able to meet the FedEx man at the door, so the box was left and I was unable to refuse it.

Once again, off to Live Chat. The rep looked into things and said not to worry about it. That I was still refunded, that I wasn’t going to be charged, there was no need to return the food – just donate it to a local shelter.

Consider it done!

So while things weren’t exactly perfect, made it easy for me to contact them. They were responsive, friendly, helpful, and worked to resolve things. And the fact they just said “donate it” and ensure some furry friends get to eat it… well, how can you beat that!

And that is how you win customers.

6 thoughts on “ – props to you!

  1. That’s awesome. You cannot beat that kind of service. Too bad too many other retailers (both physical and online) cannot seem to get the idea of treating customers well into their heads. (Hey Midway, ya listening? ;-D)

    • Man… seems WordPress isn’t always notifying me of new comment posts….

      But yeah, this is why I like to talk about good experiences. Everyone’s quick to talk about poor experiences, but not as much for good experiences. Those matter more, and so we should let those shine brightly. That’s how things get better. 🙂

  2. I have ordered from on multiple occasions (dog food, cat food, treats, kitty litter, accessories). One minor problem, taken care of quickly no problem! Folks I know have ordered from them repeatedly, including using their subscription settings to get auto orders, and also love them. I highly recommend them!

    • Good deal to know. I hadn’t heard of them before this order attempt so I was a little unsure. So this is a great endorsement to hear. For sure they’ll get future traffic from me.

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