Why many Americans insist on owning weapons


A friend posted a comment on his Facebook page about police response policies and times today. His post related to the hypocrisy of politicians who are protected by armed guards around the clock but desire to have the populace disarmed and at the mercy of the criminal element.

In the wake of the Umpqua Community College and Northern Arizona University shootings, there have been renewed calls by Mr. Obama for increased gun control, along with other politicians. The implication of these calls is that law enforcement authorities are always available to protect the citizenry at a moment’s notice. If the government will not allow the citizenry to protect itself, as is now the case in Lesser Britain, then that responsibility must fall to the organized government. A frequently validated saying in the Army is

If no one in particular is responsible for something, then no one is responsible…

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2 thoughts on “Why many Americans insist on owning weapons

  1. Not sure what else to say, but, “hear, hear!”

    I believe I’ve heard the 911 call the author mentioned in the original post, and, “f&#k me,” is about all I can say each time I hear it. It’s VERY hard to listen to, but, it’s worth listening to if not to honor the deceased, and as well to vow to use her demise as a teachable moment for yourself, and if you care to share, hopefully a teachable moment for others.

    I tell my non-gun friends that I don’t want them to go out and get a gun if they don’t want one, but I DO want them to be aware of what’s out there. It might not ever visit their neighborhood, but as William Aprill says, it’s not the odds, it’s the stakes.

    Hope to see y’all out at KR soon for some more trainin’, soon.

    • I think that’s what most people lack, is awareness of what’s out there. In a way, that ignorance is actually a pretty good testimony to our modern society. I mean, that you can walk around for days, weeks, years, maybe even your whole life in total ignorant bliss of the evil that exists in this world? That’s pretty telling that we live in a world and society that’s pretty good! That’s pretty safe, secure, sound, sane, etc.. So despite the pictures of doom and gloom the news channels and websites want to peddle, it really is a pretty nice world out there.

      But what tends to happen is when that illusion is shattered, people can’t cope. It’s massive trauma (not just physical, but mainly mental and emotional).

      But when you acknowledge that bad things can happen, when you are aware and grant the realities, you can take steps and then when things happen well.. it still sucks, but you can manage better.

      Since everyone loves the driving metaphor, let’s go with that. If you thought every driver was awesome, think how bad it would be that first time you got into a collision. But since we acknowledge everyone isn’t a great driver, that’s why we teach “defensive driving” skills. So we are prepared both mentally and with physical skills to cope with bad things happening while we’re on the road. While ignorance may be bliss, one tends to cope with life better when you acknowledge reality. 🙂

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