Goodbye, Ribo

A few days ago, KR Training‘s Director of Hospitality, Security, and Chief Student Food Inspector, Riboflavin T. Dog, passed away at the age of 16 years old.

When I first met Ribo, she didn’t care for me – probably because at the time I wasn’t much of a dog person. Over time and repeated visits, she warmed up to me. Probably didn’t hurt that I always had some food for her and always shared my lunch with her. In fact the past couple years she would always meet me as I drove into the range, as I got out of my truck, with a look of “And you have breakfast for me, right?”. 🙂  And of course, I did.

I’m not a dog person. Sure I own a dog and adore her, but I’m still not someone that likes dogs in general. I’ve found that it tends to stem not so much from the dog, but from the owner. Sure a dog is product of nature, but also of nurture. In Ribo’s case, it was evident she was loved and well-cared for, and lived about as good a life as a dog could ask for. It reflected in her demeanor. If I’m to like a dog, it’s because I like THAT dog. And Ribo was the #2 dog for me (only behind my Sasha).

Sweet memories of Ribo…

When she wandered into the classroom with something she found in the woods – I think it was the long-sun-dried back-end of a deer leg? And just plopped down and proceeded to gnaw on it and haul it around with her all day long.

How she was able to silently clear a room… if you were there, you know exactly what I mean. 🙂

Watching Karl hauling out the kiddie pool on the hot summer class days, so Ribo could splash around and stay cool. Yes, class had to wait for a dog.

Coming back into the range house and finding a mess in the kitchen, because someone threw something tasty in the trashcan. And you could always find the rest of things just outside the back doggie door.

I did finally learn to NOT keep my food – especially my beef jerky – on a surface less than 5’ high. Else, all I would find would be an empty package, just outside the back doggie door.

Having her on the range while classes were going on, just sitting back and relaxing. I never minded being asked to run into the range house to get or do something, because it gave me a quick minute to stop and pet her.

And yes. The above picture? I’ll never forget that sweet face.

Thank you, Ribo. It was a pleasure to know you.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Ribo

  1. Ribo knew exactly when the SIRT pistol was coming out in any class; she’d appear out of nowhere and wait expectantly for Karl to shine it where she could chase the dot. We’ll miss ya, Ribo.

  2. Sad news. I could never walk past Ribo without looking into that face and giving her a rub on the head. She will be so missed…

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