Delica clip replacement

I carry 2 Spyderco Delica folders. Great knives for all sorts of purposes.

Alas, the way the clip is fashioned they snag every now and again on things. Usually they just bend and I can bend things back into place, but I guess the clip bent one too many times and it broke on one of them.

Looking around for replacements, I found it odd that I couldn’t find any for sale on Spyderco’s own website. But a bunch of third-party discussions came up, and I was pointed to these Titanium pocket clips on I liked the fact they were low-rider (the Delica’s stick out a lot from your pocket), and the slim clip does end up looking like a pen clip. All good things.

Alas, they didn’t work for me. The hole spacing does NOT fit the Delica. I saw others with this issue and they drilled things out and got it to work. Well, that only sorta worked. There’s just too much spacing and not enough room to drill before the holes get too big and the screw heads won’t hold. The screws also go in at a slight angle, which means they don’t hold fast – and on one it did pop out. As well, I’m not sure if it’s the bend or the clip itself, but when I first put them into a pocket, I heard ripping — they slightly torn my pant pocket.. .not a deep tear, just some ripping of threads. Ugh. So that was $18 down the drain, because there’s no way I can return them now that I modified them. Nothing against these clips or, they just don’t work for me.

I searched around Spyderco’s website again. They really need a better website. But I did find on their support/contact page they actually have an option for “need a replacement clip”, so this probably comes up enough. I sent them a note and we’ll see what comes of it. I also noticed they have a “deep pocket clip”. If I could get those on my Delica, I’ll take it; I asked.

So… we’ll see.

Meantime, if any of you have suggestions on Delica clip replacements that actually work, I’m all ears.

3 thoughts on “Delica clip replacement

  1. All you need to do is contact Spyderco customer service. 20th century tech – making a voice call – worked for me. I have a bag of spare clips. You will need an odd sized Torx wrench to actually put the new clip on. I had to go buy a special set of tools just to get that one exotic item. Blue Loctite is your friend when you go to install the new part.

    • What’s a phone? I’m not like you… I can’t sit at my desk all day on hold, squeezing a CoC gripper. 😉

      I’ve actually got a small Torx set, not a problem there. And yes, blue Loctite too.

      I did contact their customer service. Just waiting to hear back.

    • Ha ha. You win. 🙂

      They responded to my website form filing out with an email, saying all I had to do was call them. Or I could email them all my info, including credit card number — no, that won’t happen.

      Maybe someday Spyderco will be pulled into the 21st century. 😉

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