Pocket carry sucks

I’ve carried my S&W 442 snub recently, dry firing with it too, so it was time to confirm a few things with live fire.

First, I hate pocket carry. It’s better than nothing, but it sucks on the draw. I think an important part of pocket carry is to create yourself time to get the gun out, because drawing from a pocket is painfully slow. This could be things like having your hand in your pocket already gripping the gun, because thrusting your hand in and grabbing is going to take time and be slow. It could be things like moving, distracting the attacker (e.g. throwing up an elbow), but these could be problematic because if say the gun is in your front pants pocket, now you move, you will bend, and this changes the geometry of your body and your pocket and you could foul your draw.

I’m still mulling over good solutions to this. I’m all ears to suggestions.

What’s a solution? Proper holster on your belt, positioned in an ideal position (e.g. between 1 o’clock and 4 o’clock). But still, there are times when pocket is the way you have to go, so having optimal procedures is important.

Also during the live practice I realized I haven’t been strict enough about my sight picture. The sights on a 442 are so horrible, and with the neon orange front sight ramp on mine, I found that in my dry practice I’ve been focused more on “seeing the orange” than ensuring textbook-correct sight alignment. Thus, my front sight was a little up out of the notch, and at 10+ yards I was going over the small steel targets. Shouldn’t be a problem at very close ranges (that whole “in a fight, front sight” meme), but I still need to tighten up.

But the big thing I got out of the live fire snub practice was more reinforcement that pocket carry sucks. But acknowledging that it’s a reality, so let’s seek some solutions to improve it. Comment below, if you’d like.

4 thoughts on “Pocket carry sucks

  1. My scores on drills from pocket carry improved significantly when I switched from a snub to my M&P shield.

    • Why do you think that is? Better sights? Better (lighter) trigger? a similar manual of arms to your full-sized carry gun, including things like grip angle (the snub does have a different angle, which I think plays a part in my sight alignment problem I mentioned above).

      I did wonder if it may be time to give up the snub or relegate it to being purely a secondary role, and if I needed to carry a solo small gun to use the Shield or even look into another (e.g. Kahr).

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