OMG!!!11!!1! Umbrella-gate!

For those having a hissy-fit over Obama’s use of a Marine-held umbrella yesterday, I have one question.

Why is it a problem for the Commander-in-Chief to tell (order?) a Marine to hold an umbrella over his and the Turkish Prime Minister’s head? Because it breaks Marine protocol regarding umbrellas?

Then why was this Marine’s breaking of same protocol lauded, when he broke protocol on his own volition to hold an umbrella over a man to shade him?

Both are instances of breaking the very same protocol, are they not?

Maybe they aren’t. I wasn’t in the Marines, so there may be something I’m missing here.

Look, I don’t like nor respect Obama. Yeah, I think the way he handled the umbrella thing was kinda stupid, because it’s that typical attempt for Obama to try to be cool, but just comes off awkward and unfunny and arrogant. But whatever. Someone didn’t plan for the rain, someone didn’t have a tent already set up, and like any good host you take care of your guest so it makes sense to offer the Turkish Prime Minister an umbrella. And yes, the Marine had to use his right hand because otherwise it would have been more awkward and wrong to place the Marine in the middle of the picture between the two Heads of State.

Why is this even an issue? Don’t we have more important things to call Obama on? Fast & Furious? Benghazi? Spying on the Associated Press? IRS screenings? You get mad with the press or the politicians distract from real issues. Isn’t that what you’re doing by making something out of an umbrella?

Can we stop with the double-standards?

Can we focus on things that actually matter, please?


4 thoughts on “OMG!!!11!!1! Umbrella-gate!

  1. Please don’t tell the people to stop posting about “umbrella-gate”; it helps me decide who to take serious or not.

    Really? We have the IRS-scandal, Fast&Furiuos, Benghazi, PATRIOT Act and a thousand other things and you are getting your nose out of joint over an arrogant jerk acting like an arrogant jerk?

    I don’t mind people posting the image, a quick comment about it. Point out the flaws of character, value and judgement but let’s assign it a proper place in life. 15 seconds….probably too long but okay.

    Yeah….let’s focus on what really matters instead of re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  2. I’m a liberal, so I’m an Obama supporter, but I’m glad to see that some who aren’t in support of him agree that this whole thing is silly. I wouldn’t be outraged if it had been a Republican president, I’d be saying the same thing you are, are there not more important things to worry about?
    Although we disagree on most things, although I too am angry about the AP spying thing, I’m glad to see at least some on the other side at least want to focus on issues that actually make sense to be talking about.

    • Well, I’m not on “the other side”. Or maybe I am. Rather, I just prefer to call bullshit when I see it. I tend to put people into 1 of 2 groups: are you a good person, or are you an asshole? And many politicians fall into the latter group.

      I like consistency. I don’t like double-standards. Many people that are calling out Obama for this are the same people that would think the Marine shading the old man is laudable. Now I do think holding the umbrella for the old man is laudable — wish that sort of behavior was commonplace, not so rare that such an act stands out like it did. And yes I think Obama came off like a goof here, and I can understand how it may not be manly or worthy of respect or whatever. But they are trying to call this out on “breeching Marine protocol” and if we’re going to get on about protocol, then shading the old man is worth of scandal too for it breeched the same protocol.

      So come on people… grow up. Let’s focus on what matters.

      Or… take it from Terminal Lance:

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