AAR – Handgunning: Beyond the Basics @ KR Training, 16 June 2012

I can write this on the same day, because today was only 1 class: Handgunning: Beyond the Basics.

This is a great class, and I wish more people would take it. The only people who should NOT take this class are complete beginners. But if you’ve got any amount of experience beyond being a rank beginner, you should take this class… maybe take it more than once. We even had one gentleman in class today, who was returning to shooting guns after a 30 year absence! Great to have him back. 🙂

This class really focuses on fundamentals that matter to handgun shooting regardless of context: competition, self-defense, or just that you want to shoot cans off the fence faster and better. Like I said, this class is good for everyone and maybe even take it more than once. I found myself listening to Karl’s lecture and taking some notes to myself on things to work on that I hadn’t worked on in a little while.

The big take home? trigger control and sight picture (including follow-through). Trigger control is #1. If you can press the trigger smoothly, you’ll do great, even if you have crappy stance, crappy equipment, crappy everything else… if you can press the trigger smoothly and have the sights lined up, you’ll do alright. You’ll do better if you have better equipment and better everything too, but trigger and sights are key. The students of course couldn’t master this in the 4 hours of class, but they now know what to do and hopefully will practice.

Dry fire folks… don’t forget it. Even 10 minutes a day will do you well.

Today’s class saw a wider variety of guns than usual, but as usual those running DA/SA guns, big guns that don’t fit them, and other such things well… some people hopefully are going to the store soon. 🙂

One interesting thing tho was the M&P Shield. One lady in class had rather small hands. She was shooting an M&P9 with the small backstrap, but that was too big. We tried one of Karl’s 1911’s that are set up for small hands, but even that was having issues. I am still in the midst of my experiment carrying the M&P Shield, so I had that on my hip today and lent it to her for the remainder of class. To my surprise, the Shield was on the cusp of being too big for her too! Yes, small hands. I think the Shield will be her best bet, especially with the improvement in technique she picked up today, of what guns are available to her. Karl mentioned she might even want to consider a .380, not that we generally recommend those but they can be smaller and could work. The key is proper fit, because having a cannon you can’t manage isn’t going to be as effective as a pea shooter you can shoot awesomely.

On the Shield… I’ll have more comments on that later.

Weather was hot, thus the 1 class… but a good day.

5 thoughts on “AAR – Handgunning: Beyond the Basics @ KR Training, 16 June 2012

    • Like I said, H:BtB is one of those great classes that no one wants to take for some reason (like Force-on-Force training). As of now, there’s not another one scheduled for 2012 and the 2012 schedule is mostly nailed down. 😦

      Hrm. Not sure what to suggest here. Drop me an email, if you wish and we can discuss.

    • They were small hands and shorter fingers, but very slender. It’s the sort of thing where every 1/8th of an inch adds up… little here, little there.

      Frankly the Shield COULD work, but it’d be better if the trigger was able to come back about 1/8th of an inch to start. It’s just very minor things, but they all add up.

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