2012-04-13 workout – Wendler 5/3/1 program, cycle 8, bench press 1

Whoops… realized I forgot to write this up!

“Week 1” – BBB 3 Month Challenge

  • 5 reps – Bench Press (working max: 230#)
    • 2x5x45 (warmup)
    • 1x5x95
    • 1x5x115
    • 1x3x140
    • 1x5x150 (work)
    • 1x5x175
    • 1x5x200
  • Asst. #1A – Press
    • 5 x 10/10/10/7/9 x 95
  • Asst. #1B – 1-Arm Dumbbell Rows (supersetted with the Press)
    • 5 x 10 x 70
  • Asst. #2 – Rope Triceps Pushdowns
    • 3 x 12 x 45
  • Foam Rolling

Yeah man… 60% is killer. It doesn’t kill me, but it sure works you hard. And so yes, I think it’s the place you want to be, once you’ve been doing BBB for a while and have gotten used to the work. Wendler recommends starting at 40% and working your way up, so yeah, work your way up here at least. It works you hard.

Benching went fine, and I still kinda get bummed out that I can’t rep out. But it makes so much sense when you have to do things at the level of 60%.

On the pressing, you can see set 4 only got 7 reps but set 5 got 9. This is because I didn’t quite have my breathing right and when I went for 8 it just wouldn’t go. But I got my breathing back in order on the last set and you can see how it cranked.

Lifting heavy is good.

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