More grease

Fortunately today was a slow day at work, so I put the time to good use and did a little more work on the truck.

Today was gear lubes. Changing the front differential gear oil, the rear differential gear oil, and the transfer case. I’ve never changed these things in my life. Well, on my motorcycle I sorta did — the V*Star 1100′ is a shaft-drive, so I did change the gear oil on the final drive there. And essentially these were no different, other than being a lot harder to get to. 😉

The rear diff was difficult just because it was cramped and difficult to get my arms in the right places. The oil stunk pretty bad too. I’m not sure it was ever changed because the magnet had a huge cake of shavings on it. This was time consuming as well because of the need to scrape off the old gasket. Wasn’t hard, just time consuming. I’m thankful tho I still had some gasket sealant left over from the motorcycle days; came in handy for putting on the new gasket. Put almost 3 quarts of Mobil 1 75W-90 in it.

The front diff was pretty easy, since it was just removing the skid plate, then simply removing the fill bolt and drain bolt. Use about 2 quarts of Valvoline DuraBlend 80w-90 here.

The transfer case was a bit of a pain, but only because AutoZone had only one pump, made for gallon jugs. So Daughter and I had to do some jury rigging to get the pump working right. We did like that the GM AutoTrak II fluid is Smurf-blue. 🙂

Ran her through all the gears and all the drives. Went around the neighborhood. All seemed OK. I’m a little nervous that I did everything right, that I got the proper amounts of fluid in everything. I think that’s just because it’s a first time doing it and you always get a little nervous about your first time performance. 😉  We’ll see if there are any puddles under the truck in the morning and how things hold up in the days to come.

I am going to let someone else change the transmission fluid and filter, and the coolant. It’s a matter of 1. the hassle, 2. the amount of liquid and being able to properly handle and dispose of it. Maybe I can do that next week. There’s only a few things left to do, and who knows… if the shop will do them for a reasonable price I may just have them do it and be done with it. I don’t mind doing it all myself, but it’s coming down to a time/hassle factor.

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