Trailer hitches don’t kill cars

A friend sent this to me. “The Trailer Hitch Hater Site“.

The story is a guy was driving his Ford Escort Wagon here in Austin and rear-ended a guy driving a F-250 Super Duty. The truck had a trailer hitch attached, and caused massive damage to the Escort. Click on the site and go see.

But here’s the thing.

The accident was my fault, as I took my eyes off the vehicle ahead of me to rubber neck the slow moving pavement striping vehicle which we were passing at the time, at roughly 8 MPH.

He admits the accident was his fault.

He admits to taking his eyes off the road, to not paying attention to what’s happening in front of him. He admits to rubbernecking. And given what he says he was doing, he was likely going through a construction zone — a place to be paying more attention to what’s going on. And if he ended up a truck’s tailpipe at such a slow rate of speed, either his eyes were off the road for a LONG time or he was tailgating the truck.

He continues.

And yes it’s true, I did have a chrome frame on my front plate, not for vanity purposes, but to shield the sharp edges of the license plate from some unsuspecting knee or shin.  This is the responsible mindset which more folks should embrace.

You know what’s a responsible mindset? Keeping your eyes on the road. Perhaps you should embrace that before you tell other people what to embrace and how to be responsible.

I love this part:

The bottom line here is that my sub-compact vehicle was damaged to the point of selling off for parts, and it was all so needless.  Just a classic case of carelessness at best, and at worst the driver never actually towed anything, but mounted a hitch so as to insure that his bumper was protected, which is anti-social behavior to the point of almost being criminal, IMHO.

So because the truck driver chose to protect his vehicle — from irresponsible and careless drivers like you — somehow he’s anti-social and criminal? Take note, citizens: taking steps and measures to protect yourself is anti-social and criminal. Throw away your fire extinguishers, stop wearing your seat belts, no need for parents of small children to child-proof their homes, ladies stop carrying your pepper spray and taking anti-rape courses. Y’all are being so self-centered and inconsiderate of others. *eyeroll*

I don’t get it. This guy admits fault, but I don’t think he really believes it was his fault. He doesn’t chalk it up the destruction of his car to his own negligence. If he had been paying attention to the road, not tailgating, etc. he wouldn’t have ruined his car. The destruction of his car wasn’t caused by someone else’s trailer hitch, it was caused by his own behavior.

The solution in his mind? To call for truck drivers to remove their hitches when they’re not towing anything. No call to improve his own behavior, no using his experience as a lesson for others about how distracted driving can have ugly consequences. No… never my fault, always someone else’s.

I teach my children to always look in the mirror first. Something went wrong? What did *I* do or fail to do? What could I have done better? Always look at yourself first and fix yourself. A lesson some people, apparently, never learned.

Dude, I’m sorry your car was totaled. You could have prevented it. Don’t go blaming others for your mistakes.

Trailer hitches don’t kill cars — irresponsible and negligent drivers do.

8 thoughts on “Trailer hitches don’t kill cars

  1. How unsurprising that he doesn’t have a place for comments.

    I would have pointed out that his airbags went off because one of the two sensors RIGHT BEHIND his BUMPER were tripped/actvated…whatever.

    Also, how does he know that that hitch never towed anything?

    Third, dude it sucks to be you- I hate people that tailgate me. It doesn’t matter if it’s my S-10 or the companies drill rig or stepdeck- you’re the one driving too close and I can’t do sh1t about it.

    • Indeed. I’m in the market for a truck and I fully intended to have a hitch in 100% of the time.. precisely because of this. Not because I want to cause anyone pain and trouble, but if someone cannot be troubled to pay attention to their driving, I don’t want my bumper and tail-end and deductible to have to pay for their negligence.

  2. The bumpers on an F250 and a Ford Escort don’t line up anyway. The Escort is going to be smashed regardless of the presence of a trailer hitch.

    If anything, running with the ball attached is being careful.

    The ball is useful to keep little econoboxes from running completely under the bumper and possibly under the wheels. It does happen.

    • I thought about that too, but wasn’t 100% sure where they lined up… different trucks can have different clearances. But more than likely yes, he would have gotten his car ruined either way. and this way only one car got ruined, not both.

      Bottom line: it was all preventable. Alas, he seems to not see it that way.

  3. Protecting your front bumper isn’t my job. That’s your job.

    You’ll notice how my Mazda doesn’t have an F-250 hitch jammed through it. That’s because I don’t ram F-250s with my Mazda.

    ps. Be sure to check out Whiny Butt’s other site where he promotes your first round in your loaded home defense gun being a blank:

    I laughed out loud.

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