I need to buy an IR game camera

I live in the city. I can’t shoot any of the deer that come up through the greenbelt behind my house.

That’s ok tho… as far as I can tell, none are shooters anyways.

But they’re fun to watch, and Sasha sure loves to bark at them.

But that’s why I need a game camera… tho an IR one so my neighbors don’t get bothered by (or curious about) a flash going off at all strange hours. I’ve got a couple with a flash, want an IR one tho. Every time I go to Cabela’s I look at them then walk away because I just don’t feel right about dropping that sort of cash on one. Call me silly, but I’ve got this feeling that someone will notice and steal it and then I’m out a chunk of change.

I’m just curious about the deer that come around. Mostly it’s does, but we see a nice buck now and again. I’m very curious about those guys.

Then tonight as the sun was going down, I saw something I hadn’t seen before.

Looking out back and I see 1… 2… ah, 5 deer. A little one, a doe that’s probably 1-2 years old, a couple older does… and then a spike.

First time I’ve seen a spike around here this season. Hopefully won’t be the last we see of him… for years to come.

7 thoughts on “I need to buy an IR game camera

    • Sportsman’s Guide ticked me off pretty bad a few years ago so I don’t do business with them.

      That one looks interesting… and I mean LOOKS… like some sort of sci-fi warrior mask. 🙂 Price seems reasonable tho, especially when you consider the solar option.


  1. If you ever get up north or out west, Dick’s Sporting goods runs deals on the Wildgame innovations models after hunting season. I bought one last year, and it has been pretty good.

    And I’m bringing it back this year and taking pictures in my neighborhood as well. there is one STELLAR buck out there.

  2. Have you thought about using a home security camera instead?

    I don’t know your thoughts on security cameras but having cameras would fit into the idea of making your home a less attractive target for criminals.

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