No Tin-Foil Hat Needed

I remember when the “Fast & Furious” scandal broke, some were claiming the whole thing was being done to manufacture a case for more gun control laws. The response from many was such thinking was ludicrous — our government wouldn’t do that.


There’s no need for the tin-foil hat, because it’s true, as CBS News reports.

Even if you’re the most stringent anti-gunner, I hope you can see the corruption and will refuse to tolerate it. This isn’t about guns; it’s way beyond that.

9 thoughts on “No Tin-Foil Hat Needed

    • It seems to extend back into Bush’s administration as well.

      Bottom line: corruption in government? I should be shocked, but I’m not.

      • Operation Wide Receiver (the Bush program) was ill-considered but at least had a chance of succeeding. The biggest differences between Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious were:

        1. The guns actually in Wide Receiver actually had tracking devices in them. There was never even an attempt made to track the Fast and Furious guns.
        2. The Mexican government was involved in Wide Receiver, and was supposed to interdict weapons after they crossed the border, but never did. In Fast and Furious, the Mexican government was not informed of the operation until the scandal broke.

        It turns out that the tracking devices used in Wide Receiver were too low power and unreliable to be used effectively, and were easily thwarted by hilly terrain. I couldn’t tell you why the Mexican government didn’t interdict the weapons as they crossed, though corruption, incompetence and just plain bad luck are all possibilities.

        But Wide Receiver was a bad idea that had a chance to work. Fast and Furious was a horrific idea whose only possible result was delivering American guns into the hands of cartel members. The big question is why, something the CBS report goes a long way toward answering.

        • The Bush program also didn’t move nearly as many guns (I believe the number was a few hundred), and the report I saw indicated that they STOPPED it after realilzing that they weren’t able to track them. I don’t approve of either program, but at least the Bush era one seemed to have a little common sense built in.

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