The power of the LGD

My dog, Sasha, is a Kuvasz. Kuvasz are a breed of dog known as a Livestock Guardian Dog. There are other such breeds, like the Maremma, Akbash, Komondor, and Great Pyrenees. Simply fascinating animals, and they truly are the “sheepdog” in Grossman’s analogy of “sheep, sheepdogs, and wolves”.

While poking around online, I found a great article about the Great Pyr and its use in siviculture in British Columbia. It’s that sort of first-hand telling of what these dogs can do that makes me adore them even more. Take 15 minutes and give it a read.

6 thoughts on “The power of the LGD

  1. Enjoyed the article, very cool.

    I do have to argue with the (very common) addition of the Tibetan Mastiff to the list of LGDs. Tibetans don’t generally bond with livestock the way most LGDs do, people yes, livestock no. They’ll guard the flocks or herds because they belong to their master, not because they really give a care about the animals involved.

  2. In our northeast mountains in Utah (the Uinta Mountains) there are a lot of Navajo and Basque sheepherders. The Basques favor the Pyrenees, and it is not unusual to see them out with the flocks.
    In the western part of Utah, a lot of people have gotten llamas for guarding their sheep. They assume the role of sentinel, and will fiercely fight anything attempting to harm the flock. They have been known to run off cougars, coyotes, and dogs with not problems.

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