So tell me….

… has putting decongestants (that work) behind the pharmacy counter actually achieved the end of halting meth production?

I didn’t think so. *sniffle sniffle wipe blow*

So why do we keep doing it? Why do we force every American to suffer under a failed policy? Where is the logic in doing so?

11 thoughts on “So tell me….

  1. I can tell you that on my side of things, the only thing it’s done is push meth production to the other side of the border, where it can be made not only cheaper, but the final product is much more refined and of higher quality.

      • Plus you really don’t have to worry about meth houses blowing up.

        Well, unless the house was formerly a meth lab and wasn’t completely gutted and refinished, cause that crap can get in the walls.

  2. misbeHaven would REALLY like to see the actual numbers on jus thow much Meth production actually decreased with this law. See,the problem is the law isn’t strict enough. We need to do it more harder and then it will have some effect. Ever if we have to invent the numbers.

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