My First Dove Hunt

Finally got to go dove hunting.

I’ve known G for many years through Scouts and church. He’s an avid hunter and has been working on me for some time to go dove hunting with him. Finally it was able to happen.

He hunts at this property just outside of the city limits, which turns out to be close to my house. I met the property owner tonight and turns out he too goes to the same church. Neat. He owns a few acres and the doves love to fly through there. So we can sit back, relax, and when the doves fly overhead, off we go.

Unfortunately, the doves were very slow tonight, and when they did fly they were flying very high. Still, I went through about 40 shells, and managed to bag my first dove. 🙂 For sure I got one, I believe I got a second. In total we were able to take home 7 doves, and probably shot 9-10 (2-3 were unable to be recovered, tho we tried). G’s a fantastic shot.

Despite it being slow, it’s not always about bagging something. Sometimes it’s just great to get outside, hang out with friends — make new friends. If we can shoot a little, have a beer, and bag something, all the better.

The cool thing? They let me take home all of the doves. We field dressed them all and G taught me how to do it. Dang, that’s easy and takes very little time. Was also neat to see what the doves had been eating. Most had been eating seed: millet and sunflower. One had corn, another certainly had been eating something in the field. All of the meat is in the fridge, and I know what I’ll be having for lunch tomorrow. 🙂

Fantastic time. Looking forward to doing it again!

3 thoughts on “My First Dove Hunt

  1. Wow! You look precious and as happy as a lark! Can you kill larks too? Are they tasty? Can I come over for dove tomorrow?

    • Larks? Don’t know, but I doubt it. Of course, there’s always the Monty Python confections with crunchy frog and lark’s vomit. Perhaps that? 🙂

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