Advanced (Kuk Sool) Kick Routine

I’m cleaning up some files on my computer and I came across a file that contained an advanced kick routine that KJN Dewain Perry had us do from time to time. I don’t know if this is a wider Kuk Sool kick routine or just something Dewain came up with, but it’s certainly a challenging kick sequence.

You start in defensive stance (Bahng Uh Jah Sae)

  • Rear leg inside kick
    • You’ll end up in offensive stance
  • High 360º spin kick
  • Low 360º spin kick
  • Jump 360º spin kick
    • End up in offensive stance
  • Switch your stance (back to defensive)
  • Popup (front leg) outside kick
  • Rear leg roundhouse kick
    • Now in offensive stance
  • 360º spin kick
  • Rear leg inside kick
  • Jump inside kick
    • End in defensive stance
  • Popup side kick
  • Popup hook kick
  • Spin back kick
    • Now in offensive stance
  • Jump spin back kick
    • Now in defensive stance
  • Step through/across 360º spin kick
  • Double front kick
  • Split kick
  • Scissors kick

Don’t ask me to demo it. 🙂

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