Dewain Perry – Black Belt Magazine

Black Belt Magazine has made much of their archives available via Google Books.

The March 1993 issue contains some mentions of my former Kuk Sool teacher, Dewain Perry.

The article is coverage of a WKSA tournament. I actually recall seeing these pictures and article snippets in a framed “collage” in my old dojang.

And although sparring is not heavily emphasized in the kuk sool system, you would never have known it by the tournament’s strident matches. In the men’s first-degree black belt middle-weight final, Richard Brown’s power proved too much for Dewain Perry’s finesse. The men’s second-degree black belt heavy-weight final was a war of titans, as Darren Hart defeated Daniel Vincent Jolly for the title.

(above image is a screen-capture from the Black Belt Magazine online archive, preserved here in a local image in case the BB Mag version ever goes away).

The same article mentions Dewain taking 1st place in sword form (1st degree, 14-34) and techniques (1st degree men). Frankly neither of those surprise me as Dewain was always excellent with sword and technique work.

Another cool thing about the article was seeing all the people that were 1st and 2nd degree winners, and seeing how many of those people are now 5th or 6th degree Masters, school owners, and other such things. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they ever were white belts.

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