Hubud drills, and other FMA finds

Ever have one of those online sessions where you’re just browsing the web, you come upon something interesting, then either you start clicking deeper or Google for more information, and just come upon all sorts of interesting things? I’m having one of those, relating to a Filipino martial arts drill known as “Hubud” or maybe “hu bud” or “hubad” or “hu bad”.

It started off here and here with these videos from Ollie Batts discussing a drill known as “hubud”. I like things that Ollie does, as he’s got a background in Kuk Sool (3rd Degree black belt before he left many many years ago, one of the first Kuk Sool black belts in the UK) and now works with things like FMA, Savate, etc.. I like Ollie’s approach to things.

What’s fun here is the drill is merely one about flowing, about feeling. The actual locks and movements? They’re just locks and movements with no real relation to any particular style of martial arts. It’s not Kuk Sool, it’s not Kali, it’s just how the body moves and reacting to how your opponent moves his body.

So I wanted to learn more about this hubud drill. Off to Google I went.

From our friends at ShivWorks, a PDF that gives a simple explanation of how the hubud drill works.

Not directly related to hubud but it came up in my search, from Scribd a file discussing Inosanto FMA drills. Relevant to me since the flavor of FMA I study is Inosanto lineage.

Then some discussion of hubud on MAP brings up this sweet web page chock full of FMA animations to demonstrate a lot of drills.

Then we find this page which is just loaded with resources, from movies to animations to techniques. Amazing repository. (Updated: try this link instead. The first one is a GeoCities link which will be dying shortly when Yahoo kills GeoCities. This new link should survive that).

I’ve got a lot to read this weekend. 🙂

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