Siniwali tutorial

Reading tgace’s blog this morning and I find a neat thing that he did. He participated in making an online tutorial for how to peform the Filipino Martial Art concept of siniwali. Specifically, heaven and earth 6.

Yes it’s basic, yes it’s not a substitution for being in a proper class with a proper instructor, but it’s still a good tutorial. It does a gradual build from the basic motion alone, to with a partner, to stylized application, to more free-form application. It also emphasizes how FMA teaches concepts, not just rote techniques, and presents questions to help you explore further.

It’s nifty. Check it out.

One thing I liked was just watching someone else move. I’ve found myself seeking FMA videos because while all FMA’s share similar concepts, there’s an amazing amount of variation. It’s nice to see what other people do because it expands your outlook. For instance, in tgace’s initial siniwali movement it’s not just a parry but also a downward pull on the blocked hand; I usually just parry.

4 thoughts on “Siniwali tutorial

  1. Thanks for the link Hsoi and the critique.

    You are dead on that tools like this can not substitute direct instruction.

    You are also dead on that this was about a very basic level of demonstration.

    The main objective was to teach physical Siniwali well enough to a beginner that he or she could then use that fundamental understanding to the next level of conceptual understanding.

    Based on your critique, it looks like the design worked to accomplish that.

    • You’re welcome! I think you did accomplish your goals. It was well put together. If you end up making more, I look forward to seeing them.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Paul and I go WAY back (to our early teens as a matter of fact)..military service separately and jointly..similar X-games sports interests. He has some neat ideas about “Web 2.0 Martial Arts” as an assistive tool for MA education. Let’s keep leaning on him for more. šŸ˜‰

    • That’s awesome that two long-time friends can do such a project together. Quite cool.

      So yes, keep up the good work guys. Love to see more!

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