John Mackey – I knew it

A few days ago John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market, wrote an opinion piece to the Wall Street journal about health care reforms.

I wrote:

But there’s something kinda fun about reading this opinion piece penned by John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods. I think it’s because I know the vast majority of Whole Foods’ customers wouldn’t agree with him. Something about the sort of people Whole Foods tends to attract vs. the Obama voter/supporter demographic vs. those that want socialized medicine and the government to cure all their ills.

I was right.

I guess it never occurred to them, as they bought their overpriced yuppie food, that there’s probably someone getting rich off their consumer habits. Or just the fact that they’re consumers and feeding this very beast, and to some degree probably better off that most since they can afford to shop at Whole Foods in the first place.

I love elitist arrogance, and the ignorance it brings. 🙂

Updated: Oh, some of the comments:

“I will never shop there again,” vowed Joshua


“I’m boycotting [Whole Foods] because all Americans need health care,” said Lent, 33, who used to visit his local Whole Foods “several times a week.”


“I will no longer be shopping at Whole Foods,” [Christine] Taylor told “I think a CEO should take care that if he speaks about politics, that his beliefs reflect at least the majority of his clients.”


“These are people who have already gone out of the way to find a place that is more expensive to buy certain types of food,” he said. “So in theory, they might be more willing to take the action to go somewhere else if they don’t agree with Mackey.”

First, Christine Taylor appears to affirm my prior assessment of Whole Foods’ customer base.

And isn’t it nice to see that they appreciate choice? The ability to boycott. That they appreciate an ability to disagree with something and take their business elsewhere. Gosh… don’t you love a free market? 🙂

The irony. I savor it.

2 thoughts on “John Mackey – I knew it

  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I don’t shop at Whole Paycheck, because I’m poor. But I will try and do a little shopping there from now on, because the CEO is not afraid to voice his opinion.

    On the flipside, I refuse to do business with companies that post a 30.06 sign on their doors here in Texas. Everyone has a right to spend their pennies wherever they want…

    • Whole Paycheck… that’s a good one, and pretty true. 🙂

      But you see, that’s the point. What we have here is freedom of choice. I find it so fascinating how “the liberal left” screams and demands freedom of choice about so many things, then about so many other things they do their best to destroy any semblance of it. I don’t care how Obama is spinning it, this health-care proposal will wind up destroying freedom of choice.

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