Tex Avery

I was just lamenting with a buddy of mine about how we have multiple cartoon TV channels dedicated to 24/7 cartoons, yet some of the best cartoons aren’t shown on them (much anymore). Things like the old Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny cartoons. I do recall they used to have “The Tex Avery Show”, and it’s a shame that went away.

Tex Avery (or “Fred A-very” as Bugs once called him) is truly one of the best. This article (h/t to Fark) takes you on a tour through his cartooning career, and was a wonderful walk down memory lane. Tex’s cartoons always had the best gags, the most ridiculous but exciting pacing, just totally screwball. I may have watched his cartoons hundreds of times, but they still make me laugh because the jokes are just that good and just that well done. Many of the characters became who we know and love because of Tex.

One of my favorites was Screwy Squirrel. Shame he was only in five cartoons, but damn they’re good. Tex really took things to the extreme in them. 

Screwball Squirrel:


Big Heel-Watha:

The Screwy Truant (This has some of the best collection of gags. I love Screwy’s laugh at 4:56 and 5:28.):

Lonesome Lenny

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