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Here… smile at something

I’m tired from all the pain and negativity going around.

Facebook, Twitter, whatever — people are focusing on so much negative, anger, “you’re wrong”, “fuck you”, “this President’s an asshole”, “no YOU’RE an asshole!” and yes even snark is negative at its root. It’s sad to say this is how it is these days, but right now it’s far worse than usual.

So let’s try to lighten the mood and smile a bit.

Here’s an episode of “Saved By The Bell”, where Kelly gets a zit, and Zack both screws up yet saves the day and teaches us something more important about life and ourselves.

Hey, if I made you smile (even if you were groaning at me), then I did my job. :-)

BTW, I think the video poster intentionally down-tuned the audio to avoid auto-detection mechanisms. Frankly, it makes the whole thing a bit funnier.

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New home defense tactic

A burglar in Georgetown ran away with empty hands and an eyeful Wednesday night when he was confronted by a nude, pistol-packing homeowner.


“I have a tattoo of the grim reaper, my hair is sticking up all crazy and I’m naked,” said the homeowner, who asked that his name be withheld for safety reasons. “I’m not sure if (the burglar) was more afraid of me or the gun.”

Full story here.

So there you go. New home defense tactic. ;-)


Country music vs. Heavy metal

The other day I was showing Oldest this video about “why country music was awful in 2013″

Watching this again, I realized there’s a key difference between country music and heavy metal.

With country music, it’s agrarian. Time is relative to when the moon comes up and the sun goes down.

With heavy metal, it’s technical and precise.

2 Minutes To Midnight

with “10 Seconds to Love” (NSFW)

Although sometimes it might be a little more vague, because we’re “Livin’ After Midnight”

or just waiting for the “Witching Hour”

Then there’s rap music.

Target fixation

Sasha, our dog, was sitting in the kitchen because of course it was food time!

I was eating a sausage patty, and her eyes were glued to the patty in my hands.

When Wife tossed a bit of sausage at Sasha, it bounced off her head (Sasha’s very good about catching food in mid-air)… because her eyes were glued to my sausage patty.

This is what we call “target fixation”, and how it can cause you to miss important things in life. :-)


She’s right, you know

Talking with Wife about the concept of “follow through” (in this case, as it pertained to shooting a handgun).

She said, “Yeah… follow through… it’s what you do for all those years after you say ‘I do.'”.

Heh. :-)


Learn to Read Korean in 15 minutes

I may be half-Korean, but my knowledge of Korean is pretty poor. The main reason is lack of exposure — I just don’t need nor use much Korean in a day, week, or month. Use it or lose it, y’know?

When I was studying a Korean martial art, I had actually brushed up on my Korean speaking and reading skills pretty well, but since that time, everything’s waned. Heck, if there’s any second speaking/reading (as opposed to programming) language I should know, it’d be Spanish, given the daily exposure I have to it.

Still, some time ago I came across this nifty little resource on How to Read Korean in 15 Minutes (and I always meant to blog about it, so finally here I am). The cool thing is Hangul is phonetic, so once you recognize the characters, sounding things out isn’t that difficult. Of course, to fully understand Korean is another matter, but I’ve found the ability to read and sound things out to be useful.

Story time.

Wife loves Korean pancakes (Pa-Jeon). My mom told me I needed to look for this flour/powder mix called “Buchim Garu” (that’s how you pronounce it). She told me over the phone, so I knew what the words sounded like, but I had no idea what it looked like. And of course, everything at the Korean grocery store will be written in Korean.

Enter the joy of the phonetic language!

I was in the store aisle that was obviously of the flowers and powder mixes. I picked up bags, looked at labels, and tried sounding things out (hopefully your browser/computer can show Korean)

부 (bu….)

부침 (bu… chim…)

부침가루 HA! Buchim Garu!

I was triumphant. :-)

(Funny… Google Translate translates that as “fluctuations powder”. Heh. “Frying powder” is more correct, but I like fluctuations powder)