Examining the data: are “Stand Your Ground” laws racist?

Howard Nemerov examines all the data (not just cherry picked numbers) to see if “stand your ground” laws are racist.

You may be surprised by what Howard uncovers.

Or not.

Isn’t using partial datasets to justify an anti-self-defense agenda racist in itself, and especially when restricted self-defense laws create racial disparities by inhibiting blacks’ civil right of self-defense?

Howard used to be anti-gun. Then he examined facts and data and realized that gun control doesn’t work. In fact, he wrote a book about it filled with his data analysis and findings: 400 Years of Gun Control: Why isn’t it Working? It’s not a book to shrug off, no matter what your stance is on guns.

4 thoughts on “Examining the data: are “Stand Your Ground” laws racist?”

  1. Funny, years ago in my very first research paper for an English class it was titled “The racist roots of gun control.” It has been a very long uphill battle.

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