Snow Leopard (almost) free

In my day job as a Mac software developer I’m certainly excited by the prospects offered in the upcoming Mac OS X 10.6 release codenamed “Snow Leopard“.

But that’s just the thing. I’m excited because I’m a developer and Snow Leopard offers a boatload of awesome things for developers and other under-the-hood improvements. As an end-user, I’m not really sure what benefits I see from Snow Leopard, especially in terms of enticing me to plunk down a big chunk of money to buy that OS version.

Adam Engst at TidBITS wrote an article that articulates the matter better than I ever could. I think there’s a good argument for making Snow Leopard as low-cost as possible, especially because yes a lot of people are still hanging on to Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4). Anything to help get people to move along is useful.


Fark headline:

Obama secretly tested for swine flu after man he shook hands with in Mexico drops dead the next day. Officials concerned because Obama’s touch usually heals.

ACL Festival 2009 Lineup announced

The Austin City Limits Music Festival’s 2009 lineup has been announced.

Big deal. :)

Most of the bands that play ACL just aren’t the sort of stuff I care to listen to. Pearl Jam headlines this year… meh. I recall when Mother Love Bone ended and was looking so forward to what was to come. Temple of the Dog was a cool thing, but we still were waiting for the next thing. Then “Ten” came into the radio station and we listened and all I could think was how unimpressed I was. It was OK, but didn’t really move me. Everything since then did less for me.

Dave Matthews Band. I saw them many times before they got signed (they were a local band when I was in undergrad). They actually are pretty cool and I did enjoy seeing them live. I recall during one show Dave was signing and kept breaking strings on his acoustic guitar. He just kept singing, fished a new string out of his pocket, and restrung his guitar while continuing to sing. I always thought that was pretty cool. They were a great jam band then, but I just haven’t kept up with them.

Beastie Boys, yeah that’d be cool to see.

Sonic Youth would be very cool to see. 

Toadies. The only band to ever make me physically ill. Some many years ago, I think during a SXSW, a few too many adult beverages, and the bass was cranked so high I could feel it. I come from the water *boom boom* I come from the water *boom boom*. And with every boom my stomach rumbled in a bad way. Held it fine, but still. :)

The B-52’s. I love Kate Pierson’s voice and think she’s totally cute. They’d be fun to see live.

Clutch. That’s cool. Finally, one band that’s at least somewhere in the genres I tend to prefer.

Asleep At the Wheel is an institution. I always loved Ray Benson’s look.

But apart from that, it’s a lot of bands that I’ve not heard of and could care less about. Tends to be the case every year with ACL’s lineup. That’s OK tho. It’s a great festival and is great for the city. Just not for me.

What does it say about a person?

With the recent debate on campus carry, the “against” side of the debate is bringing up the same old arguments from over a decade ago when concealed carry was first brought up. None of those arguments panned out (there’s no blood flowing in the streets, no OK Corral shootouts, people aren’t solving their arguments solely by shooting each other), yet the lack of logic and emotional appeals continue. I just received my copy of the latest TSRA Sportsman magazine and in the back of the magazine was a business card that inspired this posting.

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Mixed Martial Arts Serendipity

Of course, in my world “mixed martial arts” combines something other than the “muay thai, wrestling, bjj” formula. :)

As I’ve mentioned before here and here, when it comes to shooting I need to back off my speed and improve my accuracy. At the dojang today we were emphasizing a similar thing: smoothness of movement. As the saying goes, “slow is smooth, smooth is fast”. I’ve been working on my handgun presentation, the “punch” I refer to in my AT-4 class writeup, and that’s all about slowing down, being smooth.

So it was nice that my work today at the dojang was also about backing off speed a bit and improving correctness and accuracy. It’s always a great thing in my book when different things in my life end up with overlaps like this. It’s a signal to me that I need to work on it in those realms, but also what else can I apply it to? How about just general living? To slow down a bit. Cruise on my motorcycle at 55 MPH… sure the speed limit is 70, but go at 55 and get techniques right and enjoy the scenery going by. Don’t rush around to various things, just mellow out with the kids around the house. Whatever.

Slow down. Smooth things out. Do things correctly. No one cares about the first one to get the wrong answer. All those things that I keep telling myself. Gotta work on them more. Heck, it’s worth it for me to remember Tao Te Ching #48.

SB 1164 to be heard today

Texas SB 1164 will be heard today in committee.

Contact your State Senator to let them know how you feel about this bill. Also, contact the members of the Senate Committee on State Affairs. Keep it polite and to the point.

JR’s entry on this.

Updated: Seems it was heard but not voted on yet.

Let’s break down the members of the committee (party, district, NRA grade w/year of grade):

Chair: Duncan (R, 28, A-2008)

Vice-Chair: Deuell (R, 2, A-2002)

Members: Carona (R, 16, A+ 2008), Ellis (D, 13 F-2006), Fraser (R, 24, A-2008), Harris (R, 9, A-2008), Jackson (R, 11, A-2008), Lucio (D, 27, A-2008), Van de Putte (D, 26, B-2008).

We’ll see how it pans out. Stay tuned, true believers….

Updated 2: Fixed the “updated” link to a permanent one.

Clarification on the Tiahrt Amendment…

from the guy that wrote it.